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Photometry Testing Lab in Delhi


Amit Test & Calibration Centre has calibrated Integrating sphere and Goniophotometry to perform photometric testing in its Laboratory.
First of all, one must know about what is photometry testing.

Photometry Testing is the scope of Accreditation to perform photometric measurements for light sources (electric lamps) and luminaries in the laboratory, which are used for the purpose of illumination involving either Spherephotometry or Goniophotometry. This is the modern way to measure the visible light in terms of its perceived brightness to human vision. lumen (lm) and Candela2 are the unit of photometry. The inverse square law and cosine law are the two laws used in photometry. The inverse square law states that the intensity per unit area on the surface varies ins inversely proportional to the square of distance between the source and surface. Whereas the cosine law indicates the intensity of light on a surface of a fixed area varies with the incident angle. In fact, the intensity falls off as the cosine of the angle.


Some important Photometry Term are as below:-

  1. Luminous Flux: It is a measure of the total optical output of a visible light source. Luminous flux is expressed in lumens. The measurement requires all of a source’s power to be concentrated on a detector. This can be a problem with divergent sources like LEDs, and lamps. In these cases, integrating spheres are often used.
  2. Illuminance: The illuminance of a surface is the amount of light incident upon the surface, divided by the area of the surface. It is measured in either footcandles (lumens per square foot) or lux (lumens per square meter).
  3. Luminance Exitance: It is intrinsic property of light source. It is Luminous flux divided by source’s area.
  4. Luminance intensity: It is measure of flux emitted into a solid angle.
  5. Luminance energy: it is the measure of rate of flow of flux. Units Lm/ sec.
  6. Luminance: luminance is a measure of the flux reflected by, or emitted from, a relatively flat and uniform surface.
At Atncc we provide you the standard photometric data files in IES (.ies) and EULUMDAT (.ldt) formats as per IES LM 79-08

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