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Environmental Testing Lab


Environmental Testing Lab - The main objective of the Environment laboratory is to provide reliable and efficient analysis of various environmental components which include air, water, soil, sludge & solid waste etc. The laboratory follows USEPA, BIS, WHO and APHA methods as per client requirements. Soil, sludge and solid waste are analyzed using USEPA's Solid Waste Manual (SW-846).We specialize in providing need based solution to different organizations in the following fields: Water/Effluent / Emission /Ambient Air/Stacks/Light/ Meteorological Parameters/ Solid Waste / Noise Testing

BIS Specification International standards
Electronic Games (Video)
Plasma/ LCD/ LED TVs of screen size 35" and above upto 65" Optical Disc Players with built in amplifiers of input power 200W & above Amplifiers with input power 2000W & above Electronic musical systems with input power 200W & above Power adaptor for Audio, Video and similar Electronic Apparatus.
IS: 616:2010
  1. Laptop / Notebook / Tablets
  2. Wireless Keyboards
  3. Set top Box
  4. Visual Display Units, Video Monitors of screen 32" and above upto 66"
  5. Printers, Plotters
  6. Scanners
  7. Telephone Answering Machines
  8. Automatic Data Processing Machines
  9. Power Adaptor for IT Equipment
  10. Mobile Phones
  11. Cash Registers
  12. Point of Sale Terminals
  13. Copying Machines/Duplicators
  14. Smart Card Readers
  15. Mail processing machines/postage machines/franking machines
  16. Passport readers
  17. Power bank for use in portable application
IS: 616:2010
Fixed General Purpose LED Luminaries IS: 10322(Part-5), Section 1:2014
Self Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services res--- Cap Type B22d, E14 & E27 IS: 16102(Part-1):2012
DC or AC SUPPLIED Electronic control gear for LED Module IS: 15885(Part-2), Section 13:2012
Microwave Ovens IS: 302-2-25:2014
Electronic Clocks with main power IS: 302-2-26:2014
UPS / Invertors of ration < 5kVA IS: 16242(Part-1)-2014